The multy-level architecture is based on many cutting edge technologies and frameworks:
  • Development IDE: Visual Studio 2012 LightSwitch with HTML5 and Silverlight clients, elastic ORM, auto generated code and web services. Deep SQL Server 2012 integration with stored procs, spatial data, etc.
  • Client scripting: JavaScript, HTML5, JQuery Mobile, SignalR, Knockout.js. Push notifications and responsive interfaces. Google Map and Bing Map APIs integration.
  • Server Web API: routing controllers, SignalR hubs, OData external access in JSON format
User interface
User interface is compatible with any platform supporting HTML5 and devices with any form factor (desktop, tablet, mobile). That means it supports semantic zooming, geolocation with deep Google Maps and Bing Maps integration, count down, push notification and chat, broadcasting and web services calls.
The solution could be installed on premise or in cloud.

Form authentication with self-registration is supported in current version. In the future it could be enforced by federated authentication letting users log in using their accounts from other networks such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

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