• Each user has personal account. User can create account using self service page.
  • User has personal collection of cars.
  • User can create private places and share some of them with others. User can observe shared places created by other users and use them in movements.
  • Each place can have many restrictions (week days, hours, time limits, etc.).
  • Each place should have location (latitude, longitude, address).
  • User can choose between map providers: Google maps or Bing maps. Map provider allows specifying location using browser geolocation (please make sure the feature is allowed in your browser).
  • User can drag place marker on the map. The location will be automatically updated (latitude, longitude, address) by provider web request. User can resolve location by typing address.
  • Each car can have favourite places collection used as shortcuts for movements (home, work, shopping centre, etc.).
  • User can create movement for own cars only. Can see other users’ movements who are ready to swap and chat with them in real time.
  • Many features are available for free, the other ones activated for primary accounts only (movements planner, reports, statisctics, etc.).

  • Movements could be planned in advance and managed in real time.
  • The place for parking could be identified by current location or by distance from current location.
  • The restrictions of the place automatically advise time frame and price.
  • Count down control allows monitoring rest of the time for next movement.
  • User can rate movement by amount rating (fee, regular penalty, unfair penalty), helping other users evaluate this place.
  • User can broadcast his intention to swap using swap status (ready to swap, accept swap, reject, etc.).
  • User can organize and negotiate swaps with another user by swap chat board.
  • User can choose walk or drive mode on the map, estimate time and build best route to the target place. The maps providers allow estimating rote, current traffic, see the place on map or street view.


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